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Departure 09.00 hrs. Daily (3 HRS)

The tour leaves from your hotel in Nairobi and takes you through the bustling streets in the city, the Nairobi hill where you can view the whole city from a view point, the National Museum, the Snake Park and the City Market where you can purchase handcraft, fresh fruits and vegetable.kenya safari

Karen Blixen Museum & Giraffe Center

Departure at 0900 hrs. Or 1330 daily (3 HRS)

The tour takes you to the former home of Karen Blixen the writer of “Out of Africa.” Then driven to see and feed Daisy the famous Rothschild giraffe and her family. Return to Nairobi for lunch or the night.

Carnivore Experience

Daily departure at 1230 hrs. and 1900hrs.

The carnivore is recommended either for lunch or dinner. This restaurant famous for its succulent steaks and barbecue dishes from wild game as an excellent complement to a holyday in Kenya. The price includes transfer to and from the hotel or airport.

The Nairobi National Park

Daily at 0700hrs or 1400hrs for 4hrs.

The park is only 13kms from the city center. You will be picked up from your hotel to Lang’ata on the outskirts of Nairobi. Lions, Hippos, Buffaloes and other species of plain games can be found except the elephant.

Bomas of Kenya

Daily at 1400 hrs only

Drive out of the city centre to Lang’ata area about 14kms (8 miles) to the Bomas of Kenya. Watch displays of traditional dances from different tribe of Kenya. The dance depict events in the lives of different ethnic tribes .There will be also a visit to the tropical Bomas (villages which have been constructed in a shady forest area to show how different communities live). The tour lasts 4hrs.


Kenya Safaris are among the most exciting adventures the world over. The vast wildlife, the many sunny beaches, the different people groups all add up to a worthwhile investment and a luxury not found in many places. Kenya Safaris have proved to be a very popular byword in the tourism sector. Following are some of the highlights of travel to Kenya..kenya safari

Coast Safaris

Indian ocean coast of Kenya - This is one of the most popular tourist destination along Kenya's coastal border. It is situated in the famous Mombasa town and adjacent to towns such at Malindi, Lamu and others. It is here that you can engage in various watersports such as water polo, wind surfing, water-skiing and snorkeling. Beach Safaris to the coast are a sheer delight. You also get an opportunity to tour the coastal town of Mombasa. Also known as beach safaris, these are the most popular and highly treasured of the many Kenya expeditions.

Nairobi Safaris and Travel

Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya. While here, tours to various places of interest such as the National Museum, giraffe park, the animal orphanage, the snake park, and the ostrich farm can be arranged. These are just but afew of the places you should make a point of visiting. And of course, you must eat out - , try out the 'Carnivore Experience' at the Carnivore Hotel. The only dining of it's kind in Africa!

Country Tours Safaris/Wildlife Safaris

While in Kenya Travel upcountry to the various sight seeing adventures where you will get a chance to tour several national parks and view Kenya's vast wildlife and rich cultural way of life. Learn about the various people groups, their cultures and traditions. Among the wildlife you will see in such Country tour drives includes lions, elephants, cheetahs, Wildbeest, tigers, Buffalos, , zebras, giraffes - the list is endless!

In brief, Kenya is a major attraction for travellers to Africa. It is one of the finest--and undoubtedly one of the most famous -safari destination in the world. Wildlife safari, however, is by no means the only reason to visit Kenya. The attractions of its rich culture and diverse environments are considerable.

Kenya lies along the equator. On the southeast is its coastal region and to the east lies Somalia. Ethiopia is to the north, Sudan to the northwest, and Uganda to the west. The southwestern border of the country is lined by Lake Victoria, and southward lies Tanzania. Kenya's geography is spectacular and varied. While much of northeastern Kenya is a flat, bush-covered plain, the rest of the country comprises pristine beaches, scenic highlands and lake regions, the Great Riftvalley, and the magnificent Mountainous regions of Kenya.


Cultural tours have been well developed in Kenya and Adventure Upgrade Safaris will help you explore deep down the heart of Kenya’s folklore, customs, funfare and traditional food of the local people. Most of these trips are blended with wildlife photographic safaris for the African experience of a life time.kenya safari


Lwanda Magera was a Luo warrior (Luos are the second largest tribe in Kenya)

It is believed that during his time he was a living stone and nobody could spear him to death. At one time war broke out between the Luos and the Kipsigis (a tribe in Kenya), Lwanda (meaning the rock) killed many people during this war.

After peace was negotiated Lwanda was given a wife from the Kipsigis tribe and he married. This woman learned and knew the self secret of Lwanda’s life (His shadow was his true life).

One day when Lwanda fell sick, she was instructed by Lwanda to treat his shadow. War broke out again and the woman sneaked back to her tribe and told them the secret of his life.

On the day he died, he killed very many people before they tried what their daughter had told them. Finally one of the warriors took his spear and threw it at the shadow of Lwanda who fell down but not before killing the person who pierced him. He turned into a stone which can be seen today.

RAMOGI HILLS;( the father of Luo tribe)

Ramogi settled here after a long journey from Uganda with his people. You can visit this home which is now a forest. There is a stone which is believed was previously a bull which turned into a rock.


This is a place of ceremony. Climb the rocks and set the history of these rocks from the local people. It is situated on the western part of Kenya in Kakamega district.


Day 1: Leave Nairobi for Kit Mikayi via Kisumu. Kit Mikayi according to the Luo legendary story is the rock whose mikayi (the mother of the Luo tribe) sheltered herself after a long journey. In the evening visit the famous rock on the surrounding village.

Dinner and overnight at Kit mikayi.

Day 2: Kit mikayi; - Ndere island National Park.

After breakfast trek to the lake shore then catch a boat to Ndere island National Park. According to the Luo legendary story, Ndere (meeting place) is where Mikayi the mother of the Luo rested after along journey down the Nile to the Lake Victoria before reaching her home Kit mikayi. The day is spent searching for the lakes largest crocodiles, monitor lizards, birds, water antelopes etc.

Enjoy fishing in the evening and enjoy your catch for dinner.

Day 3: Kaloka -Kisumu- Kaka mega.

Leave Kaloka by boat, or by road for Kisumu then proceed toKakamega. Spend the evening exploring the famous tropical forest looking for colobus monkeys, many types of reptiles and birds.

Day 4: Kakamega – Nairobi.

In the morning explore the forest and then catch a bus to Nairobi.


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